A mother and daughter speak out

Our Experience

For the past 9 years, our family has lived in the wake of a high-conflict divorce and subsequent emotional abuse. Throughout this period, I have had many conversations with my kids about incidents we have experienced, feelings about our split home, and interactions between our family and their father. Part of our struggle has been learning how to talk to one another.  As a mother, my goal is to create space for my kids to love their dad, who is also my abuser. I made the decision to speak out about the abuse we have endured for more than a decade and bring it to an end. Our mission is to share what we have learned with others torn apart by this under-recognized form of abuse.

Perspective Taking Sheets

Reviewing incidents after they happened was a beneficial tool for our family. We used these sheets to break down feelings, fears, and words that we experienced during some of the most difficult times of our last 9 years. 

Story Timeline

Our story timelines, or maps, help you journal your experiences as they take place. This has been a helpful tool for me more recently as I tackle my history. We hope you will find this tool helpful as you walk your road, looking back occasionally to see where your journey began and how far you have come. 

Unpack your backpack

I learn best through interaction. My daughter and I recorded some of our conversations for others to hear what it sounds like to guide your children through unloading their emotional bricks.

Why tell our story?



I want people to know everyone goes through something in life, it's OK, you're not alone. 

-Charlee, 10, Founder

how we fight through it

A 10 year old girl's life changed

"I am fighting through this with my dog, a little bit. With my mom, it's easy, with a mom who understands what I'm going through. And, I think that she is going through it too, she knows what it's like.  One tool that is really helping me is letting it out, putting my bricks in my mom's backpack."  



Thumb Tactics

Whatever I have to say, I have to say it in a way that gives me peace. I use a simple formula to check my responses and it saves me.

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Preparing for Battle, on the Inside

Writing is important to me, words put a name to my experiences. I write to connect and to release. 

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